Unscramble Letters

Our letter unscrambler can unscramble letters into words with ease. It is simple to use, just enter the letters you want to unscramble and click "find letters". That's it!

Unscramble up to 20 letters & Max 2 '?' for blank tiles.

Unscrambling Letters

What is the Best Way to Unscramble Letters Into Words and Anagrams?

If you ever wonder how you can unscramble letters to make words, then you are not alone. Words come any many shapes and sizes, 2 letter short words or 20 letter long words. How can one possibly know all the possible word choices when looking a word to make from a set of scrambled letters? It is possible and difficult, but I will give you a few tips on unscrambling letters.

  • Start small - Some people like to find all the little words from a set of letters before they try to use all the letters. A good example is the set of scrambled letters CHEAT, you can make the word AT, CAT, HAT, EAT and other smaller words. It starts your brain in the right mind set and helps you find the longer words like TEACH
  • Learn Valid Words - It is always a good idea to be an expert on the dictionary for the word game you are playing. Scrabble uses SOWPODS AND TWL and Words With Friends uses ENABLE. They both have different sets of words that they consider valid. So a word you play in one game, might not be valid in the next.
  • Score Big - Go for big point gains by learning high value letters and high value words. 2 letter words, like XI and ZA are a good target because X and Z are both high value letters and are easy to fit on the board because of the common vowel.
  • Go for it - In most online word games there is no penalty for trying an invalid word. Just try every letter combination until you find the right one and remember it.
  • Letter Unscrambler - Letter solvers like ours are an excellent way to gain knowledge on words. Our dictionary contains all valid words from WWF and Scrabble, so you are sure to increase your knowlege and start to win every game.

Unscramble Words and Anagrams

Unscrambling Words? Unscrambling Letters? There is no Difference!

Our letter solver only has one job, and it does it well. It unscrambles letters into words.

That is its primary function, but it has so many other uses:

  • Learning tool - By using our Letter Unscrambler, you will grow your vocabulary exponentially. You will learn obscure words like gibe and also learn the meaning, how to use it and other words that can be unscrambled from it.
  • Stress reliever - Since we make words from letters for you, you don't have to stress when you get stuck on a scramble letter puzzle. You can play until you get stuck, relax and use our letter unscrambler to help you.
  • Save Time - Our letter scramble tool also saves you a lot of time. If you are trying to complete a puzzle before work, but get stuck a few scrambled letters... just plug them in to our letter solver and save tons of time. We will quickly unscramble any letters into words, so you can move on.
  • Win Every Game - With your increased vocabulary, you will never lose another game of Scrabble, words with friends or similar games.

Our Letter Unscrambler

Our letter unscrambler is unique, fast and perfect for any word game newbie or professional who wants to increase their knowledge of word games. Even pros need help sometimes, and thats what our letter scramble tool does. It helps you improve and advance your skill level. It helps you when you get stuck on a very difficult level in games like Word cookies and other similar games.