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What is Word Cookies?

Word Cookies is a word game, developed by Bitmango, with features of several word games that you already love, such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, so you are sure to love this word scramble game as well!

Word Cookies has plenty of exciting features, like daily puzzles, chef based levels, bonuses, and more. This app will have you addicted in no time! If you like word games and love entertainment, then this is the game for you.

How Do You Play Word Cookies?

The object of the game is to unscramble Word Cookie letters to find all the words. All you have to do is swipe the letter cookies in the baking pan to form words and find all answers. If you find any words that aren't included in the main puzzle, they will be added to Jack's cookie jar, which will earn you extra coins!

Word Cookies Help, Tips, and Rules

  • Start of the Game: Players are presented with a pan filled with scrambled letters and a grid that shows the number of letters in the words they need to find.
  • Forming Words: Players must swipe across the letters to form valid words. The words must be at least three letters long, and the letters must be adjacent to each other in the pan.
  • Filling the Grid: The formed words must fit into the crossword-style grid. The grid provides hints about the length of the words and sometimes their placement.
  • Extra Words: Players can often find extra words that are collected in a "cookie jar" or similar feature, earning rewards for finding them.
  • Hints and Tools: Players can use earned or purchased coins to buy hints or tools that help them solve the puzzles.
  • Levels and Difficulty: The game is usually divided into levels, with each level increasing in difficulty.
  • No Penalties for Wrong Attempts: Players can try different combinations without penalties for incorrect words.
  • Timed Challenges: Some versions or levels may include timed challenges, where players must complete the puzzle within a certain time limit.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Some versions may include a multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete against others.
  • Language Variations: The game often recognizes both American and UK English spellings.

Our Word Cookies Cheat

Don't worry, fellow home baker; we can level you up to a novice chef, talented chef, and eventually a celebrity chef, executive chef, or master chef in no time! Breeze past the pastry chef level and other chef levels with ease using our Word Cookies Cheats.

How to Find Word Cookies Solutions?

You can browse for your level, which is grouped by game pack. Each chef level is further broken down by level, etc.

You can also use our letter unscramble cheat at the top of the page. Enter the letters into the search box, select any word options in the advanced options menu, and then voilà! All your answers will be displayed and grouped by word length!

All of our cheats are updated as of 2023

Word Cookies 2 : Word Cookies Cross

Bitmango also created Word Cookies 2, also called Word Cookies Cross It is similar to the first version except that the answers must be placed crossword puzzle-style. It is a combination of a crossword puzzle and a word scramble game.

As in the first game, you have to swipe the letter cookies to form words. Fill up Jack's cookie jar with bonus words, and you will earn extra coins. As of now, there are 500+ levels.

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Word Cookies and other word scramble games are meant to be fun, so be sure to enjoy them without stressing out. If you get in a jam, you can always use our Word Cookies solver to unscramble the letters for short words or longer words in the baking pan!

Example Word Cookies Game Letters

Hello aspiring Commis chef! Looking to level up from novice chef to executive chef? or even master chef? Practice with the letter below from the Word Cookies baking pan.

Word Cookies Daily Puzzles

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