Pictionary Word Generator

Our online Pictionary Word Idea Finder has thousands of words, guaranteed to keep the game going non-stop. I hope you are ready for unlimited family fun for adults and kids alike! You can use the timer below to assist you in the game.

Advanced Options

What is a Random Pictionary Word Generator?

Our online Pictionary Word Finder leaves you in the driver's seat. You can either leave the default options "as is" and start finding words right away or use the advanced options to customize the Pictionary game words.

Available Options for the Pictionary Words

  • Starts With - What letters do you want the words to start with?
  • Contains - What letters do you want the words to contain? If you use this option, it will also find words that start with and end with your letter(s).
  • Ends With - What do you want the words to end with?
  • Topic/Difficulty - Choose your topic or difficulty level.

Here are a few examples of how to use the advanced options to make Pictionary more fun.

Let the kids in on the fun : You can use the advanced options make the game easier for kids and harder for adults.

Select words only from a certain theme, i.e. people or food/drink : Choosing a theme will make the game more competitive because you can expect the answers should be easier to figure out.

Export the words : Create and export a word list and be sure to check back frequently. We add new words daily!

How do you Play Pictionary?

Pictionary is a family-friendly game that requires minimal setup. All you need is a list of words, something to write with, a timer and dice. You can either use an official Pictionary game board, which has everything included or use a Pictionary Word Generator like ours to get word ideas.

The goal of the game is to guess what the person on your team is drawing. You advance on the gameboard by guessing correctly, and the first to get to the finish square wins.

Pictionary Rules

One person on your team is designated to be the first person to draw a picture of whatever random Pictionary word is selected. After they have the word, they have five seconds to figure out what to draw. Once they start drawing, the "drawer" has one minute to get their teammate to guess the answer for one point. They do not receive any points if they cannot guess correctly

The game goes on like this while switching the "drawer" on regular intervals. Whoever has the most points at the end of the predetermined amount of rounds wins!

Playing Pictionary Without the Official Game

You can use the same rules as the official game, while using our Pictionary word finder instead to generate your random words. One of the best reasons to play this way, or using a combination of the gameboard and our generator is because you will never run out of words. We add new words and topics regularly. Have you tried Charades? If not, use our Charades Generator to get started.